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more ep advice please?

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I just can't work out what would be a better bet for my 150x1200/f8 dob.

I'm looking at getting a low power wide angle ep for some nice big sky and dso viewing. Am looking at 30 and 36mm 2" Meade QX eps, but don't know if the limit of my scope will make one an obvious choice over the other. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what would be better?

Also looking at one high power ep for planets and am thinking of the 5.5mm Meade 5000 suoer plossl. But would the approx x220 mag be too hard to use or be to high for the seeing on most nights?

Any thoughts gratefully received!

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Hi Henry

I have no experience of the 30mm & 36mm QX but a word of warning the 26mm QX is THE worst eyepiece I have ever used.

Not that that means the rest of the range are useless but I would definitely try before buying.

By contrast the 5.5mm series 5k plossl is an excellent eyepiece.

Regards Steve

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Regarding a planetary ep, think about an 8mm Baader Hyperion. If you get the fine tuning rings, you have an eyepiecce with 4 focal lengths. On your scope, this would give you x150 to x280, which is a good range. x220 is realistic on a good night. I tend to work between x150 and x200 on planets.

I own an 8mm Hyperion and I am very pleased with it. Great contrast, but a bit of CA.

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hi Henry,

You have an excellent scope and it will be a good all rounder and easily maintained.

I think 220x will be usable on a fairly regular basis, especially on the moon and double stars. for planets the maximum magnification varies a lot dependent on seeing from maybe 100x at worst to perhaps 220x-250x at best - very occasionally 300x is possible but rarely.

did you get a decent barlow with your scope? if not, this might be a good option (something like the Tal 2x sold by FLO First Light Optics - Tal).

also, as the 25mm that came with the scope will be reasonably good and I believe the 10mm is often quite poor, it may be better (if you went for the barlow) to get an eyepiece to replace the 10mm. if you got e.g. a 11mm Televue Plossl then this would (with your 25mm) give 48x, 96x, 110x and 220x.

As regards the wider field eyepiece, at f8, you could get away with inexpensive eyepieces probably. The William Optics SWAN eyepieces will work well in your scope. I have used the 33mm and it was excellent. With a 5mm exit pupil, you could also use the 40mm for a really wide field view. First Light Optics - William Optics SWAN eyepiece

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Great advice guys,

I didn't get a barlow with the scope, Moonshine, but I like you're thinking.

26Left, can you suggest a website for Baader Hyperion you mention, would be interesting to see how the price matches up - also what are fine tuning rings? Sounds like they turn a normal ep into some sort of zoom ep?

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I have never used Baader Hyperions but I think the 4 eyepieces in one is not very practical in the field. I think from reading other posts that it's more a way of fine tuning the focal length to suit your kit in the safe comfort of a dust free environment.

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Hi Henry, that's a very good price for the Meade 5000 series and by all accounts a very good ep. The 8mm Hyperion is a cracking ep. I have changed the fine tuning ring in the field on numerous occasions and never had a problem. Takes about 30 seconds to convert the 8mm to either a 6, 5 or 4.3mm. I reckon at f8 you would have pinpoint stars right to the edge of the fov.

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Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been away.

I bought my Hyperion from Astronomia, but I'm sure there are other suppliers. There are two fine tuning rings (14mm and 28mm length) and in different combinations, they give you four different focal lengths. I regularly swap them over in the field. This may not be the best way to operate, but it works fine for me. A little fiddly, but you soon get used to it.

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