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White light solar filter


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Hi all,

It's about time I had a go at imaging the sun.

I was planning to get some Baader solar film, ideally I would like to go full aperture on my 10" newt but it's £45 odd for 1 meter by 0.5 meter sheets.

So I was thinking is there any reason why I can't make an A4 filter rather than cut a round filter from an A4 sheet, would it be better to use as much of the 10" mirror as possible or am I better making a 8" round filter from the A4 sheet?



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Best to cut a disk to cover the full aperture then cut a circular opening as large as possible, clearing the secondary - probably about 4" diameter? This will give you an unobstructed 4" telescope..more than enough to view the Sun in white light.

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