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We had a very settled night last night - between jet streams I think.

It was an opportunity to set up the Genesis (4" f5) and check out the polar alignment of the NEQ6 in it's new home - the rebuilt TSO.

After a nominal cool down of 30 mins, I dropped in a 10.4 TV plossl and had a quick look at Vega. Approaching focus the rings got narrower and narrower, very steady and crisp - Hmm good seeing for a change - as Vega clicked into focus I could clearly see a neat Airy disk and two or three diffraction rings...as the atmosphere settled I could clearly make out the first ring, continuous and tight, the second would break up and return - Hmm REALLY good seeing!

I moved the scope to Epsilon Lyr - the double double, got it centred and was about to change the eyepiece when it became obvious that the star images were definately not circular - re-check focus - deep breath - watch.....wait....well well well -they were split into components!!

Separation at x48 with a 4" I was impressed.

I don't get the chance to do much visual.. usually all the time is spent setting up and using (or trying to use!) a spectroscope so it was a pleasing experience. You don't get nights like that very often.

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