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Hello everyone - And A MASSIVE thankyou to Martin @ FLO


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Hello everyone.

My first post of many I hope. I do have lots of questions and with the Astronomy arena being so wide in choices I hope to read a lot and learn a lot as a member.

I must also thank Martin from First Light Optics. Being a visitor to Devon (it could become my home in the very near future) and being in awe of the clear skies over Dartmoor at night I feel the time is right to actually purchase a Telescope. I have been wanting to do this for so long but with the grim light pollution in London (home) I have always talked my self out of it..... I digress.

I took it upon myself to visit First Light Optics - without ringing first! - On arrival it dawned on me that it was not a retail shop however after calling Martin was more than happy to come down and talk to me and advise me on my first setup. This is going the extra mile for the customer as far as I am concerned (this would not have happened in a London outlet).

Martin's advice was fantastic and a real eye opener - something that I will repay by way of purchase from FLO in the very near future.

I will go into more specifics in the EQ help forum.

So my first post is written and I would not be here had Martin not advised membership amongst other things.

So thanks Martin and thanks forum, heres looking to a great future.

Thanks to you all in advance.

John (Eccles_Explorer) :D

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Hi John,

Welcome to SGL!

Martin was extremely helpful in our email communication when I bought my scope a couple of weeks ago- so another thumbs up for FLO (and Martin :D from me too.

Best wishes,


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