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ScopeTeknix 20/10 Finder?

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I personally am not keen on it. I find the blinking red dot annoying. And a 5 minute cut off would be more useful, not 20 seconds.

But someone else i know loves his. But that doesn't really help you much.

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See, I've always thought a blinking red dot may be of use, as I can never really tell if I've got it on Saturn or not, and I guess it could help in that aspect, however I can see how you could find it annoying.

The Baader is the kind of 'Safe Bet', whereas the ScopeTeknix is more of a risk, I don't know whether to take it :D


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there was one or two of these on astroboot not sure if their there now but at AB price if its not good "adapting" wouldnt hurt the pocket as much

edit: the blinking one

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i know what you mean but for half the money just to check, and theres a red dot finder that looks identical to the baader one for £5.50 if they not work fine u could always adapt them it shouldnt be too much to take the flashing bit off the one

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