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First proper night with new scope - 4 DSOs


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Hi all, hope you're getting the same beautiful clear skies we've had on the Sussex coast tonight!

This was the first properly clear night since I took delivery of my SW 127 Mak and I am currently on a huge high, having seen 4 DSOs and a good look at a double star.

First was M13 at about 22:40, there was some high cloud around at this time so it came and went, but as I was not fully sure of the capabilities of my scope, it came as a massive boost to see it filling a good portion of the EP - I found using my 25mm EP better than the 10mm.

Next M3 at 23:00, clear as you like, seemed slightly smaller than M13 but brighter, perhaps due to less high cloud.

Had a go at M51 next but couldn't locate it even though the Goto mount was telling me it was there, so had a good look at Mizar using the 10mm EP which separated the two stars very well. Realigned the Goto on Mizar as it was slightly out.

Next was M92, which appeared as clear as M3, equally beautiful.

Finally returned to M51 and this time found it lurking just below the position that the Goto had pointed me. Much fainter than the other DSOs, but still bright enough to clearly see the two distinct bright areas.

What can I say, it's now 1am and I have to get up for work in 5 hours. I could happily stay out there all night but falling asleep at my desk would probably be frowned upon!

Had to quickly come here and tell someone of my success, this was my first proper skywatching session and I am now well and truly hooked!

Good night folks,


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That sounds a very good nights observing indeed. It's a pain when it's still so clear but you know need some sleep for work. I had to do the same last night. The sky was the best it's been since last August.

And the 127 Mak is a very surprising deepsky performer. Often written off as not suitable. And summer skies are so darn good, and they too are often wrongly written off.

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Sounds like you had a blast Bryn:)..a 5" Mak is a worthy scope and can show hundreds of great views as you are beginning to see. And the skies make such a difference too...if you think about it, if you naked eye can only see so much due to sky conditions, the same applies to your scope. And if you get an exceptional night with your naked eye, it will be the same with your scope.

Sadly I couldn't get out last night, and it was very frustrating...I let the dog out last thing as normal, and the sky was not yet properly dark (10.50pm) but the wind had died down and already I could see good numbers of stars.

If only there was a way to "bank" these good nights until our circumstances allowed us to "withdraw" them and make the most of them:p.

Congratulations on your new scope, enjoy it:)


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Thanks - I followed this up with 4 more this evening before the clouds rolled over just after midnight.

Managed to bag M57, M64, M5 and M12 tonight. My 127 Mak seems to really like the GCs - M5 and M12 showed up really clearly.

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