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First half decent Saturn


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Hi Yidoboy,

2 x Meade barlow on that one.

I found it just a smidge less clear with a 3 x but I will let you judge which you think is better... this one is with a 3 x

Thanks for looking!


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Wow, that looks great !

I made my first pic of Saturn a few weeks ago, but mine looks more like a dwarf planet :)

I also used the Skymax127 and a SPC900 cam, but when using a 2X Barlow (Antares shorty) the view on the screen looks so dim that I can't even focus. Did you also have that problem and if so how did you solve that ?




Haha this is my first Saturn, so you can see that I would like to be able to use my Barlow....:p


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Hello Tony,

I've been trying some more and discovered a way to get rid of the (in your picture only very minor) shift in Blue and Red (seen at the top and bottom edge of the planet).

In registax in the wavelet menu there's additional buttons to the right of the screen, one of which says "RGB allign". You can use this (even though you used the SPC900 without seperate filters) and apply the "estimate" option.

To me this made a huge difference (but still can't get my picture as beautiful as yours. Probably it's true what someone else already commented: This is as good as you can get with the Skymax127.......

You can see the effect of RGB allign on my stack here :

Saturnus - Pagina 2



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