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Imaging setup help needed

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Hi all,

I currently have a Sky-watcher mak 127 on Alt/Az goto and the good old SPC900NC webcam and am obsessed with getting improvement.

I am primarily interested in a good setup for planetary imaging so am looking to upgrade scope/mount/camera but my question would be this...

I am thinking along the lines of a Sky-watcher EQ6 pro mount with either a Celestron 9.25 or C11 but I also want to add a half decent APO or ED as I know that I will start deep sky imaging at some point, so would any of you good folk have ideas for better options. I have read my copy of 'Making every photon count' but just can't decide on the right kit to go for. I would also appreciate any good ideas regarding a replacement camera.

I am realistically looking at a budget of 2-4k if possible, so is the idea of this set-up practical bearing in mind I am a little limited on space indoors (which is why I want to avoid a Newtonian reflector if possible). I am open to all suggestions provided they are not abusive...:)

Thanks in advance


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I'd be inclined to go for the C9.25 since it is as near as dammit equivalent to the bigger one on planetary imaging according to Damian Peach's website. A small fast apo will serve you well on DS. You'll need a guidescope for that, remember.


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Sorry to jump on the thread but with an EQ6 would mounting say an ED80 on the C9.25, using the 925 as the guide scope, be a good option? Weight wise it looks ok and would this not give you a great planetary/deepsky/visual set up?

It seems to cover all the bases but there must be a down side or everyone would be doing it!

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