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hellooo im new :)


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Hello im a newbie from England .

Haveing trouble finding my way around have posted somewhere else proberly in the wrong place asking about the bright flash of light from ursa major on sat night.. hopefully a mod will move post if in wrong place!.. and hopeing someone else saw this and can tell me what it was.... :)

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The flash i believe was megrez ursa major.. i have posted in the observing reports part of the forum ,

Thank u all for the warm welcome :)

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Hi Tess, welcome to the Lounge.

Pop over to Heavens-Above Home Page

It's free to register, put in your coordinates, which if you are not sure what they are, then find your house on Google Earth and the coordinates will be at the bottom. When you have done this, it will list all sorts of great stuff to see, and tell you what time and which direction to look.

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more welcomes thank u .... cool thank u Baz i have just registered and have a little chart "Planets Summary"..

Edited by Tess
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