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PEC training EQ5 mount HELP

mark webster

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Ok I might seem a bit thick but I am a newbie to this hence all my help post.

I've been reading about this PEC training thing for the synscan and having trouble getting my head round it

so I have a few questions

1, If you are using an autoguider do you still need to do the PEC training and if so

2. Can you use your guide camera and software like EQalign (which shows a cross hair) on a star then manually correct it rather than doing it from an eyepeice (hope this makes sense)

You see I've been having problems with my autoguiding not tracking and seeing as I've not had much reply to my other question, I'm trying to solve it myself

I hope someone can help


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hi mark

1 - using autoguider with PEC will only make things worse. It is either PEC or autoguideing

2 - this is the way I was training my eq5 mount, but too be honnest I was not happy with results. maybe I have done something wrong, but tracing without PEC was better than the one with PEC

hope this will help



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