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meade ext70at

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Depending on the condition and what it has with it anything from £100-150. Always best to see it working first.

Weak point was always reckoned to be the drive gears, they are plastic and people have/had a habit of tightening everything up to the extent that the motors or gears gave up. Tighten until firm does not mean 200 ft lb of torque.

Handset is fairly basic but does what it says.

If you need one the guide is on the Meade site, just download.

70mm, 350 FL, f/5. Wide field of view so easy to set up.

Don't try much above 100x and I would say accept 100x as the max, happier at 60x.

Get a mains supply for it. Astro Engineering made a screw in solar filter for it, so you can go looking at the sun in white light.

Kids like them, small and easy to set up and use.

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They are indeed noisy little blighters, when I have mine on it sound like it's chattering away to itself quite merrily, The ETX70 is a good scope and a great buy if you can get it for less that £150, the only thing I would like for mine is the abilility to mount a spotting scope so that it can be used accurately without having the motors nattering.

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