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Philips SPC900NC -registax

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good evening did not know what title to use

as i am teaching my self how to use my webcam before telescope arrives i need to know how after it is conected to telescope i take photos is it through registax if so how and how do i save or does it do it on its own have no idea any help please.

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thankyou for replys

have both programes already but no idea how to get pictures from sharpcap to registax also how does sharpcap take the pictures and store them please

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Sharpcap will record an AVI file (video). When you open Registax you just import the AVI file into it. YOu can import more than one AVI if there are of the same object, just click on control to highlight both files.

Registax has it's own set of instructions which are not immediately obvious.

this is a rough set of basic instructions, but they might vary a bit from one version to another:

1.. Go to top left and click SELECT

2. Click the file and select OPEN

3. Check the colour and Automatic processing boxes

4. Choose alignment box size.

Position the box cursor over the planet and right click

5. Click the ALIGN button

Click limit when stacking is complete and then click Optimize and stack.

6. The system will now process and stack automatically

7. Once the final image is produced you will see a wavelet filter on the left hand side with some moveable bars. Start at the first one and play around with them to alter the detail in the image.

8. Then click the DO ALL button

9. Then click the SAVE ALL button and save the image to a jpeg or Tiff file.

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With Sharpcap the first thing you need to do is select the destination for your captured AVI files. There might be a default destination for the Capture folder, the information for selecting the capture folder starts at about 1:30 on the tutorial video. If not you might not have captured any AVI files. Also make sure that the correct file type has been selected in Registax.


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Roger The Dodger has kindly donated an avi for me to play with in registax before the clouds part and I can capture my own :D

I appear to be stumbling at the first hurdle though, I can't seem to get an alignment box up.

Don't know if it's because I'm using version 6 but all the tutorials I've seen and the instructions above say it should come up automatically and you can change the size easily.

All I can seem to get up are little red circles and I can't find anywhere to bring an alignment box up?

Am I missing something blindingly obvious?

Thanks in advance fo any help!


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