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Centering object in eyepiece using GOTO scope

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I'm fairly new to this, so please excuse if this is a stupid question.

When aligning stars using the GOTO Skyalign feature on a Celestron I'm never certain if the selected star is accurately 'centred' in the eyepiece. I am a spec wearer but try with and without. It's more how centred does it need to be. I've heard about cross-hair reticules but is their some accessory one can add to the eyepiece so I can align to some reference point.

Thanks Paul

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To be honest for visual work not having the star bang on centre won't matter. I tend to use a low power to first get the star in the field of view, place it more or less in the centre then change eyepiece to a higher power and get that in the field of view and then confirm the position. I then go back to a low power and repeat for the second star. I find that this is good enough for goto visual observing

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I used to find it easier to jusdge the position of the star if I defocussed it depending on how bright the image is you may be able to get it to almost fill the view...

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Peter's idea is good but in all honesty it matters little unless you are trying to image the near-invisible. It is just as easy to re-centre on a nearby object if accurate GoTo (ie very accurate) is needed.


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