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Another Dob Mount Build part 2


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Long over due, here is part 2 of my Dob Mount Build project.

Part 1 is here: http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/136637-another-dob-mount-build-part-1-a.html

The Alt bearings were my biggest worry but I think they have turned out quite well.

I bought some long rectangular Magic Sliders and cut them down to suit the " V " sections.

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Then I made a retainer atached with bolts and captive nuts, with a peice of milk container inserted between the retainer and the mount, this provides a low friction surface that the Alt Bearing will contact. (the nut & bolt arrangement is more secure than screws and will allow easy replacement of the "low friction surface" (milk container section).

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The OTA moves freely and can be controlled in Alt & Az by the "knob at the top" with one hand.

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I use an aquarium cleaning magnet set as an adjustable counterweight, I plan to attach some lead weights to these as they are not heavy enough.

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Things I got wrong.....

1. Overall hight is a couple of inches too low, so I find myself sitting on a small seat to get down to the eyepiece, not too bad but higher would have been better.

2. The "Face Plate" is too far towards the centre of the mount so the OTA contacts the inner face before it reaches the Zenith, I have fitted a "bump pad" to stop it hitting too hard. This is a consequence of trying to make the mount as compact as possible.

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Future modifications......

1. Eyepeice tray.

2. Stowage for OTA end cap etc.

3. Micro adjuster for Alt Bearing.

I have used the scope in this configuration several times now and I am very happly with it, the inspiration and ideas all came from other members of this site posting their projects. Thanks to you all :)

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