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I went away for a while


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I went away for a while - a year, I suppose (give or take a month)... but now I hope to be back, for good. I will post something a bit more interesting soon, but I wanted to let you guys know (old and new - haven't we grown!!) that I haven't forgotten - I've just had a disgustingly hard year!!

Just for the sake of it (and people who don't remember me):

I joined in 2009, my name is Amanda and I'm from Cardiff... I have a 5" reflector, though I am looking to sell it to get some funds for a dob soon - I need something I can plonk down and get on with :p. I'm mainly a sit-outside-and-look-up girl, though I've had some unforgettable moments with my scope. I hope to post some observing notes soon.

Here's to more posts...


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Welcome back Amanda, I remember your signature Ashen Light, a lovely name.

Hope the summer quiet skies help you forget the hard times of the past year and put everything into perspective for you.

best wishes


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