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hello from Hartlepool


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Hi All

My name is wayne and I'm new to Astronomy, I came across this site and it looks like a good place for tips and advice. I'm looking into my first telescope and going into deep sky..

cheers wayne

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A warm welcome from West Yorkshire - like yourself I am new to this absorbing interest - I began this January with 10 x 50 binoculars and a David Chandler Planisphere (available from FLO this forum's sponsors) - The forum is a great source of knowledge and I check it out most days.

Enjoy all its aspects - including the research into finding your first scope - the choices are legion!! - but I am sure fellow forum members will help narrow them down!!


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Hi there Wayne, Welcome to SGL :)

We're a friendly bunch and you'll find a wealth of info in here - there's always folk around willing to share advice and tips 'n' tricks.

Star-gazing is a fascinating hobby, but it can all seem overwhelming what with all the info, choices and kit . So have a good trawl through the sections whilst thinking about the direction(s) you want to take and the stuff you'll need.

SGL's forum search tool and Google are your friends. But if you can't find something, or don't understand, then it's daft not to ask - somebody on here (can't remember who) once said that the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask.

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