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Illuminated reticle eyepiece?

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I want to have a bash at some photography and think one of these will make things a little easier for my set up. Wireless looks the easy choice for me, the rigel one looks to have a useful pattern that can use any star in the fov.

So the question is to those in the know, which one should I get?



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Sorry Dave, don't understand what it is that you are looking for.

An illuminated reticle eyepiece is an eyepiece that you look through the 'scope with. It has cross hairs to let you know where the exact centre of your field of view is and a little light so that you can see the cross hairs. It's used for checking the tracking of the mount, measuring angles, manual guiding and other very difficult stuff.

A Rigel is used like a finderscope and is fastened to the outside of the 'scope.

Which one do you need?

Captain Chaos

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My idea is for guiding. I saw on the Ian King web site a brand called "Rigel", they was an illuminated eyepiece that had a grid pattern on it. I assumed you could use any star that fell in a convient square as opposed to the centre of the croshairs. I had planned to put this in the zs66 piggybacked to the LX10 & 300D or the other way round.

Have I got this right?


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The Rigel is similar to a clear perspex screen that you can look through to aim the 'scope roughly. It has a reticle on the perspex for getting the star you want in the centre. As its got zero magnification it's good for finding, but no good for guiding.

To manually guide you'll need a high magnification system with a cross hair EP piggybacked on the imaging 'scope to look through and keep the guide star on the crosshair intersection. To auto-guide you'll need a similar setup but with less magnification and a webcam or similar to let the computer do the guiding.

Captain Chaos

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