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Bright Flare

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Anyone else see a very bright satellite flare at around 23.05 ish tonight?

It was heading roughly WNW, between the plough and leo I think.

Wasn't an iridium flare according to heavens above, and it lasted much longer, around 30 to 40 seconds. Very bright, -4 or -5 at a guess

Anyone see it or know which satellite it was?


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Could it have been this:

Visible Pass Details

Not as bright as you're describing though, but there's very few things that bright in the sky:

- ISS - no passes at the moment

- Iridium flare - only briefly bright

- Meteors - too slow to be that

- Venus or Jupiter - too fast!

- other - chinese lantern? aircraft?


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Not really adding to the discussion but I recall seeing a similar sight back in November 2009. It was mid evening and Cygnus was still fairly prominent in the West, I saw what looked to be a very bright star hanging above Deneb and moving EXTREMELY slowly, it lasted for around a minute, faded very slowly after that and moved no more than a degree or two in that time. It was bright too, must've been around -1 or -2 at peak brightness.

I still can't think what it might've been, too slow and lasted too long for an Iridium flare or any other satellite or meteor. Not a plane and was pure white in colour and distinctly different to any chinese lantern I've seen in that it was the wrong colour, didn't move and didn't flicker at all.

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That does sound very similar hypernova. This was pure white too and definitely not ISS, chinese lantern or an iridium flare. It was moving faster than the one you saw, and it was dimly visible moving afterwards.

My best guess is a chance alignment of a satellite antenna causing a very bright flare.

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I don't know if it was the same object last night ( 21/5/11 ), but I saw what I assumed was a very bright Iridium flare at roughly he same time, but this was more SSW, roughly above Saturn. I thought it was an aircraft at first, it seemed to hang in the sky, but moved slowly and dimmed.

Colour was a bright white as you say Stu.

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