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NGC1499 California Nebula


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This was taken on 8.12.10 but I've only just got to a stage with processing where I've been able to do it justice. It's not perfect but for an unmodded camera I'm quite pleased with it.

4 hours of data - a mixture of 3 minute and 6 minute subs taken with the Unmodded EOS1000D - darks and flats used.

Processed in Adobe and Pixinsight


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Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Grinde - the subs are a mixture of 6 minutes at ISO 400, and 3 minutes at ISO 1600 - reason for the difference was that guiding was working better when I took the 6 minute subs - I had to go for shorter subs on another night when guiding wasn't working so well so I had to increase to 1600 ISO.

I'd also like to thank my fellow imager on here Davey Moulton who has helped me raise my game considerably with the processing.:)

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