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Position of Dec. Motor

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Yup - as Steve says - once it's set up the motors will be able to drive the ota in any orientation. What you might be referring to (I think) is balance.

The idea is to slightly over balance the weight of the scope to one side or other in order to keep the motors cogs engaged. The direction of balance depends on wether it's tracking East or West.

This ensures smooth and consistent tracking motion which is essential for long exposure imaging. For general observing I doubt it matters too much :)

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Do you mean which side of the mount to put the counterweights and which side the OTA on a given object? If so, think ahead and decide how long you will have before colliding with the mount.

In any event, whichever is on the east should be a tad heavier, on most mounts, to keep the pinion pushing the worm.


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