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Best Collimation Eyepiece?

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Afternoon all,

Am currently shopping around trying to get my first scope set up. Have decided on the SkyWatcher Skyliner 250PX which is a pretty fast scope so accurate collimation is going to be critical.

Done a ton of reading today on collimation and whilst I'd love to get hold of something like that Catseye Telecat XL kit, I think it's more sensible (and kinder on the wallet) to start off with a basic Cheshire eyepiece.

Does anyone have any recommendation on the best value for money Cheshire? Seems there are multiple manufacturers out there making these things (Antares, Celestron etc). Are they all much the muchness or do any stand out as being better quality than others?

Will I need anything else in addition to the Cheshire to get my scope collimated?

Thanks in advance.


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the Cheshire from FLO is as good as any. I personally prefer have a home made 'collicap', a FLO Cheshire and a cheapie free with Celestron scopes plastic Cheshire.

I use the collicap for initial alignment of the secondary, the FLO Cheshire (with the Cheshire bit obscured - see why here http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/138886-cheshire-reflection-annoyance.html) to fine align the secondary and my favourite is the cheap and nasty free plastic Cheshire for the primary. the reason is that I find the combination of Cheshire plate and cross hairs confusing so I effectively eliminate this as above.

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