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An Astroboot bargain?

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Hi all,

Saw that recently Astroboot came back, so I decided to check it out.

After adding a few nice bits 'n' bobs to my basket (including a red filter (moon webcam imaging) and a torch), I decided to check out the finder scopes. I saw a 6x30 finder, labelled 'Russian Finder' for £20.

After hearing all the raving reviews for the finders that come with Tal telescopes, I thought I should give it a shot. It looks identical to the Tal 6x30, so I hope it'll be the same.

It'll hopefully look quite good on my Startravel 120 :eek:

What I was going to now do, was this:

Remove the standard RDF from the finderscope bracket, unscrew it from it's extension base, and attach it further up the OTA; like a Telrad. Then I am going to put the finderscope into the finderscope bracket, so I have the best of both worlds ;)

One thing is, How should I attach the RDF. I suppose I'll use tape, but will this ruin the paintwork?

Thanks all!


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Thanks for posting this. Ordered a couple of filters and a centering dust cap (not quite sure what this is but at £2 I thought I'd see). I'm hoping it might help see the centre of the eyepiece view - for 'GOTO' alignment, but probably something completely different!!

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