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Full Moon RGB


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Not sure quite what to make of this. I don't normally do the Moon with my CCD camera, I usually try a webcam with avistack. However, I thought I'd give it a go with the H16 and RGB filter wheel to see what comes out. The exposures are 0.01s compare with the normal 300s+ !

The first problem was a vertical glare extending to the bottom of the image. This was due to readout noise from the bright image. Solution is to dim the image with a stop, but didn't realise it at the time. Tried to process most of it out. The image shows some green-ish and red-ish areas, but I've no idea if these are authentic or just processing artefacts/errors. Anyway, will have another go in the future once I've figured out how to reduce the intensity. Thanks for looking.

Equipment: EQ6 + C8 SCT+ 0.6 FR + Hutech LPF + SX (OAG+FW+SXVH16) + Baader LRGB filters.

Exposure: 10x0.01s RGB (1x1)

Process: DSS stack + PS levels & curves


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