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Coma correctors

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I'm hoping to get a dslr over the summer and have a go at some deep sky astrophotography. I'm thinking with my scope a coma corrector might be necessary.

Has anyone got any experience on using a coma corrector with a 200p, is it required kit if i want to get into deepsky? And would i notice much visual improvement if i left it on when not imaging?

Also, is there a significant difference between the specific brands, i know skywatcher do their own one, might this be more 'optimized' for the specific aberrations in a 200p?



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Question was asked a couple of weeks ago, see this thread.

Not much info on the SW correctors but I think the Baader MPCC's are popular, there is 2 versions available one version for astrophotography and a visual version. Looks like the SW comes with the necessary adapters for visual as well according to FLO.

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Still needed for the models that use the single speed crayford (all the dobs and non-DS Explorers). But strangely in the USA all Skywatcher dobs have moved across to the dual speed crayford. So for some reason we are getting a rough deal from Optical Vision.

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