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Iris Nebula.


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So I wasn't going to post this image until I got some more data to add to it but since I packed up my gear last night for the summer, thats not going happen now for a few months.

It is a little bit overstretched and the stars are blotted because of that I suppose (and no IR filter). I thought I would post anyway and get some opinions.

Its nine hours of data, taken over five nights during the last four weeks or so

7hrs in 10min, 2 hrs in 5min, taken at ISo400 and darks applied.

Processed with PixInsight (and Harrys guidance)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Edited by 3ggman
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Nice. This is a slow old fella to capture. I have six hours of OSC at F7 and it is not even a third of the way there, so I reckon you're doing well.

I'm wary of noise reduction but, on an object like this, noise reducing the brown dust would be worthwhile. You could, using layers, remove the noise removal(!!) where necessary.


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Thanks guys,

At the moment Olly, I am just going to leave it and wait until I get a chance to add another bunch of hours (possibly another nine or so). It is just frustrating having to wait for dark skies again :eek:

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