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SUPER-HIPER BIG moon with refractor SW ACHROMATIC 150

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So the star travel is a faster focal ratio scope, which allows wider angle views? Whats the catch?

Smaller on chip image but that might not be an issue, depends on what you image. CCDcalc shows what's possible with various camera scope combos, free download here:

The New CCD Astronomy Home Page

You can add your own cameras and scopes if they are missing.

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Thanks all People,

So it is this scope here?

First Light Optics - Skywatcher Evostar 150 OTA


My scope used in this image, is the previous blue version of F8 Evostar.

I also had the F5 Startravel, super-sharp!!! but the focal 750mm, was short for planetary, so I sold it and bought this F8 Evostar, and I´m very happy with it.

Ags and PaulG,

Yes, I´m using the DSLR 550 + barlow 2X + just 1 filter: the Baader filter IR/UV.

In this image I used, or the Televue or GSO or the Intes barlow. I used the one that in the moment made the bigger moon without cuting the moon,

The 3 barlows are nice. But I saw some photos of saturn, with shorty and televue, and the orion shorty plus photos seem better definition, than the televue. Could be from a best focused with the shorty? I would like to test a orion shorty.


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