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new scope to buy

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hi all

as mention in my 'hello' post, i'm going to buy a scope for my boys birthday (20)

i asked what he wants to see :

detailed moon

planets esp saturn rings


i guess that covers everything .........don't ask me :eek:

budget = up to £500

may wander into imaging in the future, a possibility

thanks in advance guys n gals ;)

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With your budget, I would strongly consider a 200P dobsonian or similar. The scope is big enough to see wonderful views of planets, and can catch hundreds of DSO's - it is also very easy to use, and requires only moments to set up. It will easily fit (in 2 parts) in almost any car, and they are very rugged. I've had a dozen dobs in service in my classroom, some for 10 years or more and all still work great.

You will probably want to add a low-power eyepiece (32-40mm) for deep sky, and a high power eyepiece (5-7mm) for planetary and lunar work. Add an accessory case (a fishing tackle box makes an inexpensive alternative), a moon filter, red LED torch and a good star map and you are good to go.

All that should fit in easily under your $500 budget - and this kit will give him what he needs to observe for years. He can upgrade the mount later if he wishes, but many of us never do - we stick with the simply easy, simply wonderful Dobsonian design.

If you have other questions, please feel free to PM me.


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hi all,

we may get involved with imaging sooner than planned. i've got a nikon d700 to use & 'tarting' up software

so, at the moment, i'm considering this

sw explorer 200/250 pds - eq goto

budget out the window

unfortunately i can't access the 'for sale' forum 'cos i'm a newbie......i could probably find a great scope at a decent price

cheers guys

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Hey there Slim -

If you are that serious about it, it might be worth while to join the local astro club and get your post number up here so you DO have access to the Buy/Sell forum. You could save a packet of cash and learn quite a bit more before you jump in.

The folks at the local club would be able to show you loads of different equipment (likely from the sublime to the ridiculous...) and getting an idea of size, portability, ease of setup and operation would be very beneficial. There's nothing like "Talk to the Chap who owns one!" to save you time, money and headaches.

With a purchase of this size, you want to do it right the first time if you can, and get something you can grow with. Don't forget that you will want to budget for some of the accessories, eyepieces, filters, camera adapter, red LED torch, star maps, accessory case, blah, blah, blah. If you are a photographer, you know what I mean when I say that accessories make the kit, and you probably want to have 15-20% of your initial budget for them.

Explore a bit here and you'll likely get lots of help and ideas, but don't put off that visit to the local club... lots of friends there you just haven't met yet! :)


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