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Baader Hyperion Mark-III Clickstop Zoom Eyepiece 8-24mm

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has any body used this piece, seems to cover most of the magnification range, would this be a worth while investment, this could save me alot of money ( i have 10" dob).:eek:

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Not used this ep, but did have the Mk II. I think you would need a low power

wide field ep to go with it, as the zooms are quite narrow field of view at the

24mm end. If you have the standard 1200mm focal length that many 10" Dobs

are, then the zoom would give 50x to 150x, which covers most of the range needed.

Maybe a 6mm for 200x would be handy at times.

Hopefully someone will know how the Mk III performs in fast Dob.

HTH, Ed.

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thanks, i was thinking of getting the Ultima LX 32mm from celestron with a 70* FOV with it is that any good? i would like to buy televue but they are more than the scope lol.:eek:

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Hi Simo...my dob is F4.5... & I was lucky enough to try the mkIII zoom the other week...I was using it in 2inch mode + 2" moon filter...the result was razer sharp images at every click...wife had previously tried one in her F5 Newt. in 1.25 inch mode...we were so impressed...we have now bought one...yep..we're to blame for the cloudy weather

If it's of any help...I also tried a SW panaview 32mm...it needed a focal extender on my dob...but...great views through it...

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I've just taken delivery of one of these and holy mackerel this thing is huge! No wonder people call it a grenade, its very fitting.

I think I would be a bit scared to barlow it with the TV, I'd need a couple of house bricks strapped to the bottom of the scope to balance it.

Please tell me the other hyperions dont grow this large?

Just need some clear skies to test it. As usual FLO packed it in clouds.

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