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Cheap Binoculars


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Hi all!

Really enjoying astronomy at the moment, just wish that the clouds were clear, and my exams would stop! :eek:

Been looking at getting some binoculars, but I'm on a tight budget.

So far, I've identified:

Lidl Rocktrail 10x50s

Bresser 10x50s

Barska 15x70 X-trail Binoculars <--- I would like some further insight on these

Meade 10x50s (+ Starter Pack)

And also, some binoculars that began with 'm' but I've forgotten what they were. It's not a big company, just a small company, but I've forgotten what they were called, someone mentioned them on this forum ;)

So, can someone give me some insight into the above binos.

The Barska binos in particular interest me, mainly because their 15x70 (I can mount them, so it's ok), they come with a small table-top mount (Don't really know what to expect from this), and they seem ok (They have Bak4 prisms, and aren't ruby coated etc). Also they're fairly cheap.

Thanks all!

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Yeah, I would get the Lidl Rocktrail ones as they are cheap, and apparently not bad for the money, but apparently you have to try them out in the store to make sure you don't get a dud pair, and I don't have a Lidl near me :eek:

The Barska ones look appealing to me, but I may be wrong :/

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