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good eyepiece starters

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I'm getting a 10" or 12"dob auto next year and have been looking for what eyepieces i can afford, disscounting the two that come with the scope as i will be selling them, i was thinking of getting a 10mm radian and a 19mm panoptic from televue, obviously if i could afford it i would go for the naglers or even the ethos range but just out of reach for me. so would these two be a good pair to start with? thanks david :eek:

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personally, I'd wait and see what sort of eyepieces will suit your observing.

there's no doubt that the eyepieces you mention will yield fine images but I'd get used to the scope and the supplied eyepieces first and then decide what you really need.

my M.O. when considering a new eyepiece is to buy a cheap version first (like the TMB planetary style ones for about £30 used or £40 new) and then once I convince myself through use that I will need that focal length a lot, I 'commit' to a more expensive version. I then sell the cheaper version for much the same as I paid for it if it's looked after.

This will make you happier that the money is well spent.

you may even be very happy with the £40 eyepieces and save yourself a bundle. A telrad and right angle finder (I use both on my dobs) would be top of my list of purchases as well as a made or bought observing chair.

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