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I saw this a couple of days ago and meant to mentioning then, but lost track.

I follow a lot of NASA and astronomy focused people on Twitter, among them Dara O'Brain, Prof. Brian Cox and a few of the other people associated with last years Stargazing Live event.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, one of them tweeted that it looks like the BBC will running it again this year.

So FLO, might be worth going straight to the source, cos I don't think its going to let up as soon as you think.


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i'm still waiting for the avalanche of cheap used gear from people who never took to it in january.

the prophesy must come true (not that i want anyone to be put off astronomy of course).

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I really hope as much notice as possible can be given on when it is to take place as it would be particularly useful for astro societies, observing groups and retailers to help follow up the interest shown from the public. I would also like them to prepare some recorded footage on actually observing in case the weather is duff again, as I felt this side of things was a bit lacking last time and would be so helpful for people thinking about starting out.


(p.s Let's hope this time they will have at least learnt to tell the difference between widefield and deep sky imaging when illustrating what can be achieved from a simple photographic tripod.)

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You all need to be patient and see what christmas brings icon12.gif

True, but as JMB said, if your running an astro society it would be handy to know whats going on asap just to try and get some involvment from the locals and media.

I did manage with some help to get an astro club going here, the result of an interest in astronomy and the programs the beeb ran last autumn/winter promted me to have a go at it.

Its going really well and I hope another run of events on the tv will swell the numbers for it. ;)

Hope we get some info soon. :BangHead:

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I can not go into detail but I will say that I strongly expect January/ February 2012 to be very interesting months with membership increasing, yet again! Cryptic I know but..........:BangHead:

Sounds good, am wating for a reply fom the beeb I wrote to them recently, hope they post back some info on it. ;)

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please no Jonathon Ross!

BBC Science Editor:

Have a feature about Lord Rosse and his magnificent telescope

BBC Producer:


BBC Production:

"Drunk as a lord" Woss stumbling over a dobsonian.

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