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Hyperion case

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The almost "astronomy standard" Maplins flightcase. Usually "on offer" too. ;)

Flight Case with Foam : Flight Rugged Cases : Maplin

My "trick" with Hyperions is to avoid all the "complex foam chopping", and just remove 4x4 columns. The Hyperions then stand vertically and are distinguished by a small Dymo label on the lens covers. Hyperions are just the right height - The foam at the top retains them nicely. Similar 3x3 holes work for TMB (HR) planetary eyepieces too... :eek:

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Another vote for the Maplins case as well - relatively inexpensive but spacious and does the job very well. The foam can be adapted as you change your eyepiece collection as well - which has proved rather useful for me :eek:

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I use a Maplins case for my EP's as well. I bought a Meade EP case first but found it was difficult to arange my EP collection properly. The Maplins case is great because as John says you can chop and change as you like.

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Out of curiousity Alan, how do you rate the 36mm Aspheric? Was considering the 31mm.

Its brilliant, great FOV & crisp image all the way to the edge. I use it a lot espesically when viewing the Sun.

i went for the 36mm because i have the 24mm and just wanted the bigger step back.

Highly recommend it.

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