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Another silly question...


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Hi all, I recently upgraded my EQ3-2 to a HEQ5Pro - now, on the EQ3-2 there was a small bubble level built into the mount that allowed me to make sure the tripod was all nice and level prior to polar-alignment and attaching the tube.

Now I have upgraded I find the HEQ5 does not have this bubble level built in. After a bit of searching as to why, I found that a number of people on other forums are saying that having the tripod/mount perfectly level isn`t really THAT important - whats more important is the actual polar alignement. Could someone clarifiy if having perfect telescope/mount levelling is something I should be concerned with? Or is it a case of as long as my Polar Alignment is accurate then the levelling isnt really an issue.


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i think its down to how fussy you are i have the heq5 pro and i found that if i was level than my goto is more accurate on DSO's when i first got my heq5 i didnt bother about it being level and would find the target object would be slightly out of the FOV but now i level its always in the FOV and it also depens on your polar alignment too.hope this helps


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