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Sun 14thMay


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Sneaked in a quick go before the clouds came over. Big prom still there, just noticed another huge faint one during processing. Now I can do a reasonable job of merging disk and proms... in a colour that I quite like (and is easy to remember how to set).




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Same as always... unless I win the lottery! LS60PT B1200, DMK41 prime focus, manual tracking as it saves carrying the EQ6 downstairs. Registax6 for speed (Avistack if I have any trouble), MS ICE to stitch the sub-images and GIMP to merge and colourise. I still need to play to maximise the contrast, whilst not burning out the proms or weakening the disk contrast. Quite a lot of playing is possible. For instance the backgorund is not jet black as I didn't quite get the histogram adjustment in the proms image done right.... but I must say I quite like the extra "warmth" it give the image?!

It's a good thing that double stacking filters are so costly or I can feel that part of me would be after one!

All the best


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