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Blue Saturn?

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Hello everybody

Yesturday i was out observing. The moon and street light made it quie difficult to find anything, so i decided to wrap up early. But i thought i would take a look at Saturn because i knew it would not be affected to much by all the light.

First i located it with my 25mm EP, Then i took my 7mm planetary EP and a 2x barlow. Saturn was lovely as always. BUT, today Saturn was casting something like a blue shadow.

I have attached a image showing this. What could have caused it? My 7mm EP always have some sort of dew inside the glass that i cant get away. Could it be this? Or maybe the light from the moon?


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Its because of the low angle of Saturn in the sky, the atmosphere acts like a prism and splits the colours. Blue at the bottom, red at the top.

All the images of Saturn I've taken recently needed me to do an RGB align in the processing stage to put the colour back in their correct positions.

You may be able to compensate for it by having Saturn at the top or bottom of your view in the eyepiece.



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