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Hello from North Devon


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Hi All,

I thought I had better introduce myself. I've been lurking for a couple of months but have just started to post.

I'm lucky enough to live high up on Exmoor, about 15 miles from the nearest large town (Barnstaple), so the sky is reasonably dark - the downside, a high annual rainfall so its often cloudy.

Astronomy was a hobby as a child, but I've come back to it 30 years later and am really enjoying myself. It's lovely to have some cash and not to have to beg the parents for everything!

I've bought myself a Celestron 127 Mak and a couple of extra eyepieces and have been very pleased at what I can see. My first object was Jupiter - a bit low on the horizon but wow! I got my 5 year old to look and she was amazed: she told her class and teacher at school. Managed to see Mercury a few days later then started on some of the DSOs. Lately it 's Saturn and was very pleased to identify 5 moons one night.

Thanks all for the fantastic information on this site. I am learning quickly.



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Hi Jason,

I know the feeling about having money...it took me 6 year to persuade my parents to buy me my first scope. Now I am older there are just so many competing interests for my hard earned cash (wife's 40th birthday coming up, son's 8th next week). Enjoy your scope and your dark skies. I am currently building my telescope fund.

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