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Its back and now even worse.....


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No,No,No tell me it isn't so.

"it may require some mirror collimation" ;):eek::o


"This is Celestron 11'' Edge HD OTA telescope. the tube has a bend as show due to shipping error, primary mirror has small scratch and the secondry mirror in excellent condition, some very minor scratches on the black paint body. it may require some mirror collimation due to broken corrector plate and replaced with some pyrex glass. in general, the OTA is fair. this is sold as spare part although it can be fixed and do collimated."


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I'd have it - but I think he is a bit off the mark with the postage - Have a look before thinking that you could get it for a quid,lol....


Now... if he drops it to £295 he might have a deal.

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If the shipping was realistic, (i have no clue how much it would cost from there to be fair but 300 seems a squeak to high ;) )

I would put a bid in to make a Bin out of it for my office.

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I think all you lot saying it would make a nice bin are just plain wrong ;)

I see it more as a potential plant pot :o:D:D

with inbuilt in drainage hole.... Genius !

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