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Do any shops do part exchange

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I don't know of any shops who do part exchange in a direct way. However Astronomia (I hope I've got the right shop!) used to have a system that if you bought one of their scopes, you could return it within a year and use its original value towards the cost of the next upgrade. Whether they still operate this system in these austere times I have no idea. From memory they were unique in providing this facility but I haven't come across any other part exchange facility of the type you want. I suppose that's why Astro Buy&Sell (UK) and our forum are so popular.

Hope that helps.


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I used to MARVEL how some suppliers (seemingly) indulged forum-ites (in another place!) with expensive items to (even negatively!) review and return? Without business acumen, the idea of re-purchasing and re-selling (special offer?) "pristine" stuff might still be mutually beneficial and convenient? ;)

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