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Differences between SLT and Nextar SE Mounts?

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Apart from the obvious Optical design ( SCT vs Mak) what are the significant differences between the 127 SLT and the Nexstar 5 SE?

Do they justify the £300 price differential? Does anyone have first hand experience of both scopes?

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I have both mounts (although the scopes are different models) and find both to be adequate as alt-az mounts. I find the SE mount to be 'better behaved', but this could be the way I have them set up rather than any intrinsic difference. I did run the 102SLT OTA on the SE mount, and this was great except that it would only go up to about 60 degrees before banging into the mount. For obvious reasons I would not want to risk trying my 6SE OTA on the SLT mount!!

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