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Accessory cases on offer


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is it pre diced foam? or do you need to cut it/hot wire yourself?

the instructions online of:-

Q)Is the foam inside the case pick and pluck foam?

A)Yes the product does support that.

...are hardly informative ;)

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Thank you very much Mr Bear

I'm starting to accumulate a few items, new focal reducer, 2 x barlow and now a 13mm hyperion so It's time to look after them all.

I was looking to buy off flea bay but your heads up stopped me.

Just ordered a large one.



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Thanks for the heads up great_bear, I was waiting for these to go down again :eek:

Only saw your post this afternoon, and picked a large one up on my way home.

My god though, it's huge! I mulled over this and the small one but decided that if I can eventually afford TV size ep's I would have to get the larger one anyway.

It's going to be less than a third full at best for a few months though with only my webcam and standard ep's in, but still better than dropping them out of my coat pocket like I did with my cheap barlow a couple of weeks back, lol

To anyone wondering whether to get one, the website says they are only reduced until the end of today.

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The foam is quite easy to pick out and I've made a start on "packing" mine.

Still plenty of space though.

Looking very nice - are you putting your webcam in there?

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Hmm...just got mine out of the box to look it over - I'm taking it back for a replacement.

One of the lid hinges hasn't been put on straight, so the lid doesn't quite line up with the base properly until you latch it (which pulls it across). That's pretty poor qc.

They've now extended the offer on the large case until 14th June by the way (the small case has gone back up to £24.99), so £5 cheaper for the large!

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That's my case arrived.

Can't really fault it for £20.

Just have to decide where to cut the foam ????


(I think I need to buy some more EPs :))

Hey Smudgeball- I think your eye piece is lonely (as my other one would be too)- I think we both need to get them a/some friend/s :p

I will if you will! :p

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