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Hi! new to astronomy - need help!


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Just thought I would come and say hello to everyone.

I have been interested in astronomy for a long time, including taking images with my DSLR and simply looking through binoculars. I've finally decided to buy a scope. I can't wait...

I've ordered and paid for a telescope and mount (SW 200p and an EQ5 goto mount) 7 weeks ago ;) I keep being told that it will be here by next week??

Apparently it's the mount that is out of stock :o

Can anyone confirm they are not in the country at the moment?

Anyway enough about that. I'm just looking forward to being able to see much further than I ever have before :o & the waiting is absolutely killing me :D

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First of all, welcome to SGL. There has been a recent surge in interest in astronomy again which has resulted in a shortage of equipment, and whilst there are many types of telescope people choose, there are only a few decent mounts out there (especially if you are interested in astrophotography) so there has been delays with the mounts.

Hope it arrives soon, meanwhile if you have any questions, please fire away and ask.


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Good choice of scope :o

Have you tried contacting other retailers to see if they are in the same situation? When I was looking for my 200p it was the same story, however Rother Valley claimed to be able to deliver it within 10 days... day 9 it arrived ;) I may of been lucky, or simply that other retailers don't hold stock and rely on shipping direct from the importers ? Might be worth making a few phone calls

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Hi & Welcome........, i'm just getting back into the swing of things after a few years and the last couple of weeks has been hard getting hold of bits and bobs , seems to be no-one holding much , if any , stock.

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Hi 250

I'm waiting for mine too :-)

Luckily I have an assignment I have to have in before I dare get it out so perhaps its a good thing to have to wait a little while for me (much as its killing me!). Hope yours is soon!

Best wishes,


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