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Observers chair...From Lidls!!


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Great find Micheal but no good in my store :eek: This is the trouble I have found with Lidl & Aldi is that they don't have the same items across all their stores. I will certainly keep an eye out for them as this is a fair price and they are great for dob users.

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The Lidl ones only seem only to be sold "oop north" ; down here we get a storage tower instead.

However, did find one in South Wales (Merthyr) on eBay -- local pickup only, if any South Welshmen (or women) are interested.

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I emailed to ask about this deal- this was the reply:

The Ironing Chair was one of our Regional Non Food Promotional products. Unfortunately this product was only available in the stores in Scotland from 16th May 2011. In order to offer our customers high quality products at permanently low prices we only stock a limited range of products. Unfortunately we are unable to say exactly when this will be available again.

However, these products tend to repeat every three to six months. There are several ways in which you can keep up to date with the excellent range of products that we will be selling: check in-store leaflets; national newspapers and on our website (LIDL). You can also register on our website for our weekly email newsletter.

So if anyone spots one of these in an English or Northwest store giz a heads up please :p pretty please :D

Best wishes,


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