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ISS Solar Transit - 13th May

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I've been hugely impressed with ISS transit images posted on SGL and naiively thought I didn't have the right gear to try and image this myself.

However, while browsing on the web last night I discovered there was a transit due for this afternoon only 3km from my house. Too good to be true I thought, so made my way to the predicted centreline, armed with my trusty DSLR+telephoto, Baader filter and laptop (to get an accurate time fix).

2 minutes before the start of the transit my lappy decided to crash (stressful or what!). Just managed a reboot in time. 10 seconds before the predicted start I began automatic exposures at the rate of 5 / second for 20 seconds. Back at home, I was absolutely stunned to see that I'd captured 3 images (the most I'd calculated I could get at 5fps with a transit duration of 0.5 sec).

Here's a composite of the 3 images showing that I was clearly right on the centre line (good ol' CalSky !), and a few crops.





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Thanks to all for the kind words. I have to say that my pleasure in imaging this was only surpassed by my utter surprise when I saw that I'd actually captured the ISS on 3 of the 100 frames!

I'll definitely be trying this again, and suggest that others have a go.


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