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Any idea what this Vixen item is?

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I recently acquired a really nice scope and a couple of interesting but, to me, mystifying pieces of equipment. I wondered if anyone could advise me what these are and are they of any value?

First item is what looks like a Vixen K (Kellner?) 40mm Eyepiece. However, it is not a standard 1.25" fitting, and is in two parts, the optics in one end and the lower end just a tube which threads into the upper.

It's a nice, well machined item in very good condition, but I don't know how it could be used in a standard 1.25" scope (barrel is too big) or a 2" (barrel too small)..

Any info or advice greatly appreciated?;):o

I'll put up a separate post for the other item shortly.

many thanks









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Hi Dave.

I had a similar Takahashi 32mm erfle, with an inbetween(2" & 1.25") female thread at the bottom of the eyepiece. I bought it many years back from the states and paid a little bit extra for a mating Tak prism.

I sold on the eyepiece but kept the prism.

These pics may help explain.




I wonder if your eyepiece is the same idea or perhaps screwed to an adapter. The Japanese did love their adapters and strange connections in years gone by.


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Looking at your pics again, Id guess that the adapter screws directly into a refractor or cassegrain. I have read that the Japense prefered straight through viewing to using a diagonal, in years gone by.

I'd also say that it's a Kellner.


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I'm 99.9% certain it's a turret eyepiece -- the threads are for screwing it into a rotating turret that permitted you to change eyepieces nice and simply. Some Vixen and Celestron scopes had them. IIRC they had a couple of screw-in eyepieces, adaptors for 1.25" push-fit and then ports for three (?) 0.965" eyepieces.

I stand corrected; please ignore this and see post from jahmanson, three posts below this.

Edit: Now seems I was right all along; undoing the correction. ;)

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Turret eyepiece is a possibility, but spotting scopes used by birders, hunters etc. often have screw-in eyepieces. More rugged and keeps them aligned and dust proof for a rugged spotting scope that is designed to go into the field.

Either way, they are often specialty pieces that are designed to work with only one optical system. I don't think it will be much use for a regular 1.25" telescope rig.


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A quick Google shows up an Astromart ad that seems to confirm it as a Kellner eyepiece. The same ad suggests it screws directly into a Vixen reflector which would kind of stack up given that the current R200SS Newt has effectively the same set up (extension tube plus eyepiece) albeit with more common thread and eyepiece sizes.

Cheers, Pete

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It's a 40mm Kellner that was manufactured by Vixen especially to give the widest possible field of view in their scopes back in the 1980's, many of which did not have 2" accessory capability back then - it's designed to screw straight onto the drawtube I think (36.5mm thread ?). I saw one for sale a while back where the own had machined a 2" barrel for it so it could be used in a wider range of scopes.

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Hi Dave,

I have the same Vixen 40mm Kellner, it is threaded on the bottom at 36.4mm

to fit the Vixen turret that has 3, .965 holders and 1, 36.4mm threaded holder, I also have a 1.25 Vixen adapter (vignettes a bit as to be expected) & Vixen also made a 2'' adapter for it now discontinued, a nice sharp ep


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My thanks to John and everyone who offered their opinions on this interesting item: it's nice to know a bit more about it. If anyone is interested in taking it at a nominal price drop me a pm:).

clear skies


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