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Just got round to processing some data from a few weeks ago. This is NGC2903 taken with C8 SCT + LPF + 0.6FR + SX(OAG+FW+H16) on an EQ6. The images are 10x180s L + 8x90s RGB (2x2). These images have no flats, darks, etc applied since I didn't have any at the time. I removed a couple of donuts from the final image, and the H16 seems to cope quite well without darks. The full field of this image is about 0.7 deg. Might try without the FR to get close ups of some of the smaller targets, although this might increase exposure time.

Thanks for looking.


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nicely done....i dont use darks any more they never seem to match the light frames and i always end up losing data after calibration, i think it would be much better with setpoint cooling, my FLI was spot on with the darks every time

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