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Saturn Observing May 12th 2011 about 22.30

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OK, so Ive just gone out for a peak at saturn and saw something rather strange. Wondered if anybody else saw it?

It was about the same mag as Saturns Moon Titan but smaller in appearence. And traveled Straight through my FOV in the EP. Rather quickly, took about 15 seconds I rekcon and I was observing using a 10mm EP on my Skywatcher 130. As I saw it I was like, ok. Got to be a satelite. But surely it wouldt seem so small?? Any ideas? Anybody?

Ok, and again...........(I know, just lucky I guess! Or lack knowledge to figure out what these things are!) After a little casual observing I packed up my Scope and started doing a little wide field photography. Just practicing really. Messing about with ISO & exposure settings etc. Anyways, As I was taking the shot I noticed something moving rather quickly and pretty immensly bright, by far the brightest object other than the moon. But quickly got dimmer and dimmer (now I know for sure it wasnt a plane etc lol) and eventually I couldnt see it anymore far before it got nearer the horizon. Im really puzzled. Somebody else has to have seen atleast one of the objects? If not any ideas at all what they were. Im finding it a little strange to be honest.

Heres the Pic I managed to get.


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At that rate of travel, it was almost certainly a satellite. With hundreds of them up there, it happens fairly often. Stellarium has some of them, HeavensAbove.com has more. You can probably identify if it you try!

Good eye!


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Aha! Awesome, thanks guys. Ive managed to establish that the one Ive captured in the image was ENVISAT. I never thought of checking stellarium! DOH!

Just checking the one I saw whilst viewing Saturn now.

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