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I'm scared!

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I've just bought a new Revelation dual speed focuser to replace my stock one on my Lightbridge.

I sort of knew it wouldnt be a direct fit and am now (gulp) staring at doing some drilling which scares the hell out of me.

Any tips please oh great ones?

or is there an adaptor out there ;)


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After removing the original focuser, offer up the new one and mask off the area to be drilled with masking tape. Next mark through the new holes with a pencil. Using a small drill bit, drill the new holes square on to the tube diameter, this will make a guide for the full size drill bit and make it less likely for it to slip sideways and will also give you the chance to check that the positions are accurate. You should try and drill the full size hole square to the focuser mounting plate. Good luck! ;).

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Steve there are some metal drill bits that have a smaller 'tip' at the front that acts as a pilot bit. You can find them in any of the B&Q/Homebase type of places. They are a little bit more expensive than your usual metal drill bit but they hit the mark perfectly.

Hope that helps as well.


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many thanks everyone have taken all your tips onboard.

I'm experiencing a little 'slip' at mid point when moving the focuser and it makes an awful noise like its not lubricated but I presume the tension grub screw needs tightening and the slip should go.


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Well its all postponed for now as I had to send it back.

It was making an awful squeeling noise when being moved in and out, it seemed to slide a bit (lose grip) too. I tightened the tension bolt which worked as I thought the thread and gears were not making enough contact but it returned after a few moves.

Other than that it looked great.

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