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New bit of kit thought's please.

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As some of you are aware, i am new to all this, i at present have a skywatcher 130, which i have been very happy with so far, with my very limited exp. Well i placed a link the other day to a scope that i purchased which was a Skywatcher SKYHAWK-1145P SynScan™ AZ GOTO Telescope, well i spoke to the shop today and they are struggling with being able to supply me with said scope, as there are some delivery issues at present, anyway after some comments about the scope the other day i decided to cancel the order.

I today found this item: SKYWATCHER EXPLORER 130PM SYNSCAN TELESCOPE on eBay (end time 12-May-11 19:16:47 BST) , and as i have been so pleased with my skywatcher at home, i purchased it, it has a couple of extra bits also.

would be grateful for opinions on this scope, i am assuming it will be as good visually as my current 130.


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Be sure to test it out throughly - there have been problems with second-hand stuff on 'flea-bay'. Sometimes sellers don't know what they have got, or whether or not it works properly.

Caveat Emptor, mate!


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As the others have said there is always going to be a risk buying SH, however I have had some cracking bargins but also some dissapointments. Are you able to collect it? if so you could check it out before handing over your cash. It does looks like it's' been looked after as all the accessories seem to have boxes and original packing etc.

I don't know much about this scope but most of the Skywatcher kit is usually OK.

Good luck with it anyway. Let us know what it's like when you get your ahnds on it.

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I will check it out, story sounds genuine though, the guy has upgraded to an 8 inch celestron, and is happy to go through everything with me when i collect it, he seems very knowledgable, and a nice guy, so we shall see, hopefully a genuine sale, if not i will walk away.

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To be honest,to me that looks like a good buy, and an honest looking ad, unlike some on ebay.

As your collect it have a good look over it before you part with your cash, but i'm sure you will.

The mount is the correct one for that scope, i have the same.

Check that it powers up and that you can use the "slew" buttons, at least this shows the motors work.

The seller looks like he knows a thing or two and has changed the focuser for a better one, i got mine off the bay and this on looks better so well done i think.

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