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Hello from The Peak District


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Hello everyone,

I just joined and as a veteran of many forums (mostly photography or music production) I know that it's alwasy good form to say hello before posting anything.

I'm based in Rainow on the edge of the Peak District and have been interested in astronomy since I was a child. Since I have always had a number of expensive hobbies (photography, music, mountain biking) my stargazing had previously only been limited to naked eye and Binoculars.

This year I finally cracked and bought my first scope (arrived a few days ago but seeing has been poor since it was delivered) and thought it was time to join a forum.

I bought a Skywatcher 150p GOTO (yes I know!! but I have a very busy life, limited time to observe, small children and a limited budget so ability to target quickly and track was the decision maker) If the scope bug bites as deeply as my other hobbies I'll move to a disused lighthouse and put a dome on the roof!

Anyway - nice to meet you all. Hoping for lots of good advice and info.

My photography *not astro - just terrestrial) can be seen here:


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Welcome Nigel, sure you will have plenty of fun and get good advice on here. Don't apologise for goto, I know exactly what you mean about busy life etc and would never see anything if I had to spend hours finding it every time!

Have a search for Peak Star Party which, is being arranged by James (another SGL member) for late October. Would be good to see you there, and it's presumably quite close for you.


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Hi Nigel,

Welcome to SGL.

I have the 150P, not GOTO, and love it. If I could have afforded the GOTO I would have gone for that, might upgrade in the future but at the moment am enjoying myself plodding around the sky.

Don't forget, give us all a first light report.

Good luck and enjoy.

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Hey, thanks for all the welcomes. Still plenty of clouds around but I'm busy with foam sheets and gaffa tape adapting a cricket bag into a Telescope bag. (and writing a lecture on Macro Photography that I have to give on Monday night).

I'll be sure to let you know how my first viewing goes and I'm pretty close to the Peak Star Party and will most likely attend (work travel permitting).

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