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2nd Cumbria Star Party

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Just as a point of interest guys, that solar viewing we did was awesome, but we didn't get any images of those amazing groups of sunspots we saw, except for David's afocal PST image.

One of the people I follow on Twitter (he goes by the name @Astroguyz, but his earth name is David Dickinson) has made a habit of taking a daily white light image of the sun and when I asked him, he kindly posted it onto yfrog for me.


is the link to the image.

His website is at www.astroguyz.com, check it out if you like. Not only is he a good amateur astronomer, but he's an absolute gentleman as well.

If you follow that link, you'll see that image must have been taken around the same time we were looking at it - that group of sunspots is memorable, and I believe the remnants of it were what I was looking at this afternoon.


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Had the day off today.... LIGHT WEIGHT OR WHAT!!

Could not get out of bed this morning... 2 x 4AM drinking sessions... malt whiskey on top of a gallon of beer! ... 2 nights on the trot!

Pete and Dave your dangerous .... what a laugh tho' :)

Thank again Nina & Val...




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Hi Folks,

Super pictures everyone. Pete and David those are hilarious; did you do a video aswell? We have not been on SGSL all that much -We have been in recovery until about Tuesday.

Still no word about who the lead belongs to. Perhaps I need to send out a pm.

Speak to you all soon


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This should look familiar to everyone that looked through Pete or David's white light filtered 'scopes on Sunday afternoon.

It was taken a few days later (after the sleep deprivation wore off), but the Sunspots are almost in the same orientation.



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Hah, thanks Nina!

It wasn't a gallery so much as the a post with a few images in it - some that I took and some that I linked to from others. If you click on the images, one or two will take you to wackyscots flickr page.

You lot are bad influences by the way - I just now had my "special" green laser arrive from gy3.co.uk and its amazing.

Also, yesterday, Patrick1948 and I traded scopes - he has my Celestron 127 SLT, I have his SkyWatching 250PX dobsonian with Revelation Dual Speed focuser. To say I'm impressed is understating it, this thing looks amazing.

David, I'm not sure my gear would fit in your car anymore. As it is, I'm really having to consider how to get the telescope onto the trolley.

I have a feeling I'm gonna get REAL good at collimation in the field.


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Wish i'd never sold my 300p.... never used it properly due to being into imaging... damn shame now as i feel 50/50 divided up, thats Mike & Robs fault... dagnabbit!

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I hope so, last one was a great time despite not seeing any stars. I can recommend it should it come around. Are you doing the Peak District?

yeah im going psp will be my first starparty so excited lol im on pitch 9 :)

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Sorry not been in touch very much since the last Star Party. I am pleasaed you are asking about Cumbria 3. I have just had an email form Mike about No.3 also. How does August sound. Would we like a full weekend or a one nighter. It is totally up to you. I must say I would prefer a weekend.

Better dash but we be back soon,


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